History of the Wild Symbol

Developers spend days designing reward mechanics like Wild symbols as it is the one thing excites players the most. It may come in forms like:

  • scatter;
  • scratch rounds;
  • mini-games.

But one stands above them is the Wild symbol. It is one of the oldest inventions to spice up the regular flow of the game. During these times they were very underdeveloped, lacked in presentation and given effects. Today the number of different variations of wilds is countless, so our author team decided to dig deeper into the subject.

Wild symbols explained

Starting from the short history lesson the term Wild was taken from the poker term Wild Card. The latter means the card which can stand for any other cards. On the reels it provides the same functionality substituting for the majority of symbols. Its power depends on the circumstances and designer’s choice:

  • regular symbols;
  • some of the bonus ones;
  • any symbol from the slot machine.

An online casino often takes all it needs to explain all the intricacies interacting with wilds. While playing regular slots it may activate up to 100% more paylines just by appearing on 1 reel. But when we look at megaways with 200+ win lines possible this number can go up to 300-500%. Membership rewards and vendor promos can increase your winnings even more!

Wild looks

But what if you do not want to bother reading often oversimplified and boring descriptions to learn about the possible wild symbols used. There are a couple a different options to it:

  1. Use the in-game guide. 99% of modern mobile oriented slots have dedicated pages to explain all images you can encounter on the reels. Moreover, every bonus mechanic explained there too! Tutorials may pop up right after the loading screen so do not click fiercely to jump straight the betting. Check out some of the cool animated slideshows to earn more real money later.
  2. Develop a gambler’s sense. The Internet gambling industry is pretty slow when it comes to innovations. So if you have learned one thing in the past 95% of times it will be the same across other slots. You can do it by playing demo mode, for example.

We have done a research on an appearance of Wild symbols so here are some of the most popular variations:

  • game logo;
  • symbol with «Wild» on it;
  • central character;
  • the synonym of the theme;
  • notable landmark;
  • well-known person or object.

If you have learned how a wild symbol looks in a slot higher the chance you recognize the one in others. The animated effects may be a great indication too as an additional cash you will see after the end of the round.

Wild choice

Back in the days there were only 1 effect from wild symbol available, but today it may 3+ different ones at the same time. Such development is the result of 3 factors:

  • technological advancements;
  • gamblers’ demand for something fresh;
  • other symbols with multiple effects.

Wilds presented on the modern reels can have the following effects or any combination of them:

  • equal to a regular symbols in paylines;
  • free bonus games;
  • win multiplier.

It is better to not spoil the surprise to get more excitement and thrill upon encountering special symbols. The core principle of gambling is the unexpected outcome.

Use the knowledge!

We hope after reading this article encountering wilds will only get you excited. Special symbols should not be confusing as all the rules can be accessed easily even from your smartphone. Portable apps have all the tools to display symbols and information tab without any problem even on tablets. Boot up your desktop PC now to become a winner with the help of WILDS!