History behind Vegas slots

At the middle of the Mojave desert lies the city of sin, the city of dreams, the one and only Las Vegas. And it is pretty logical to see many online casino Vegas slots being developed constantly. Modern internet gambling enthusiasts rarely have time to research such topics as genre but we got you covered!

At first glance it may be found strange to theme a game after the city known for gaming, but it is easy to explain. The major point comes from the fact that slots of Vegas became synonymous to gambling. So if a developer makes a game with this theme it ensures any player will get the right vibe using the machine.

Look and Feel

When you start to play Vegas slots the most of the enjoyment comes from famous Vegas landmarks or an artist’s reimaginations of them (to make the design unique). Some of the popular objects you can find on the reels:

  • giant neon signs;
  • casinos halls;
  • roulette tables;
  • cards;
  • famous gambling places;
  • slot cabinets;
  • reels;
  • cash;
  • caps.

Even this tiny fracture gives a good idea what you can expect by doing Vegas slots real money bets.

The music is often cheerful or hall-like, just like in the real places. It is not a highlight by any means but a nice finishing touch to the rich atmosphere. It may use the following instruments:

  • keys;
  • trumpets;
  • violins.

The Vegas theme is universal so depends on players it may be relaxing or exciting and action packed. Do not hesitate and check out which emotions you can get from these slot machines!

Our opinion

But for newcomers it all can be difficult to grasp. They are not familiar with classic casino layouts and unspoken rules. So to give a better idea about different features we have made a list:

  • realistic setting;
  • coherence;
  • cash and jewelry tune you on becoming a winner;
  • colorful design.

But it is necessary to mention some of the stuff we think may annoy couple of players:

  • most of the games looks the same;
  • animations are often over the top.

Do not forget all the mentioned above is just our opinion. So grab Vegas slots bonus codes, activate a membership and experience real gambling first hand.

Try this famous Vegas slots online

It is not that easy to find on a casino website Vegas slots login required to play them. You try the demo version, but that is not an optimal way of experiencing gambling software. We want to give a couple of direction which games are worth your attention:

  1. Don Slottione. Cool gangster + Las Vegas theme coupled with wilds provides engaging gameplay and real money prizes. The special symbol has up x9 multiplier tied to it.
  2. Elvis Frog in Vegas. Mega jackpot games with hilarious characters on board brighten each round. And scatter can activate up 12 extra reel actions with a possibility to retrigger it at the end of spins.
  3. Sin City Nights. Colorful neon machine from the BetSoft vendor. Not only you can win additional rewards from cascading reels but from free spins multipliers too.
  4. Vegas Party by NetEnt. Truly an online casino classic, this game is a 243 lines megaways with wilds and scatters in place. The colors are not flashy unlike others so you can truly relax playing it.

If you have your own favorite let us know via email, we would like to review some niche slots. To get the latest news about Vegas slots online releases, subscribe to our newsletter.


This classic slot theme is still kicking in the second decade of the 21st century. Download an app to your smartphone or tablet to experience Vegas gambling mobile. If you are not a fan of touch controls, a desktop PC is still a way to go for internet play.