Why We Love Online Slots

Slots machines are some of the most popular casino games in the world. Slots have some of the widest variety in themes, styles, designs, and bonuses. This means you’ll never get bored and you’ll always find something new to play.

Types of Slot Machines

Part of the reason slot machines is so popular is the number of different types. There is everything from simple and easy to super complicated machines. Of course, the more complicated the game, the bigger the winnings. The most popular types of slot machines are:

  • Standard:
    Standard slot machines are still fairly common. You play with one coin and have one payline to win. Online, they have a massive range of themes and endorsements.
  • Multicoin/multiline:
    The more coins you use, the more pay lines you can play with. In these slot machines, you can get more winning lines by using more coins.
  • Buy-your-pays:
    With buy-your-pays machines, you can use extra coins to unlock more pay lines and more winning combinations and bonuses. There is a vast amount of variety and has massive payback prizes.
  • Multiplier:
    Multiplier machines do precisely as the name suggests; your winnings double, triple, or quadruple. You can also get free spins.
  • Progressives:
    Usually, several slot machines linked to one big jackpot, every coin used to play is added to the jackpot until one player hits the right combination and wins the jackpot. The jackpot then resets to a specific amount, and play resumes.

Mobile Slots

Because slot machines are fast, easy to play, and exciting, they are becoming popular on mobile sites. Whether you’ve got an iPhone or Android, there will be a mobile slots app for you. Here are our favourites:

  • Party Casino:
    Party casino works with loads of developers and so has loads of games to choose from, and when you sign up, you get 120 free spins to increase your chances of winning. It’s easily one of the most popular mobile slot apps.
  • Playzee:
    Playzee works with over 40 software providers to provide over 1000 of the best free slots games on the market. The app is easy to use and super reliable.
  • 888 casino:
    888 has fewer games than other providers, but the quality is exceptional. There are loads of no deposit bonuses and additional winnings and some awesome free slots with bonus plays. The app is very secure, and payouts are fast.
  • Jonny Jackpot:
    Jonny Jackpot offers a range of games that are super easy to play on the mobile app or online using your smartphone. The formatting makes it easy to play, and you won’t be waiting for ages for the games to load.

Top Games

Popular Slots

Play Online

Slot machines are some of the most popular online casino games because of the wide variety of games and you can win online slots real money the fantastic real-money prizes. This is everything you need to know about playing slot machines online.

Safe and Secure Banking – Slot machines are classic casino games, and therefore, you should only play at licensed casinos. Licensed casinos are casinos that are vetted and are held to high legal standards. This means if you have any problems, they will be resolved quickly and easily. It also means you’ll never have trouble accessing your winnings.

Bonuses and Promotions – Slot machines have a wide range of extras, which vary from game to game. The most common types of slot machine bonuses are:

  • Jackpots:
    Slot machine prizes are most often jackpots. They can be set amounts or progressive jackpots that grow as you play.
  • Free spins:
    A standard bonus for online slot machines is winning free spins. Winning free spins means you can save your coins and still win big. Free spins are one of the most common slot machine bonuses.
  • Winning paylines:
    Some slot machines reward you by offering extra winning paylines. The more you win, the more chances you have to win. Winning different paylines increases your chances of winning.
  • Weekly:
    For loyal customers, playing your favourite game regularly can result in weekly bonuses and prizes. If you play every day, you can unlock extra rewards.

Deposit Methods – online casinos now offer various deposit methods so you can quickly start playing immediately. Most casinos let you set deposit limits, so you know how much you are spending. The most popular are:

  • Bank transfer:
    You can choose to wire a specific amount from your bank account directly to the casino. This is one of the fastest methods for depositing cash.
  • E-wallet:
    From PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller to ecoPayz and trustly, e-wallets are very popular ways to deposit money. They are super safe and secure, and quick.
  • Credit/debit card:
    Another common type of online casino deposit is using our bank card. Some casinos only accept credit or debit, so be sure to check. This is super fast and easy.

Payouts – When it comes to payouts, the average amount of time to receive your payout is 2-3 days. However, depending on how you choose to check out, you could have your money within hours. These are the most common types of payouts:

  • Bitcoin:
    Some casinos offer payouts and withdrawals via bitcoin. This online currency is widespread and can be easily transferred and changed when the exchange rate is reasonable.
  • Bank card:
    Many players love using this method for withdrawals because you can keep track of everything from your main account. It’s quick, and with your bank involved, you can be sure it’s secure.
  • E-wallet:
    Ewallets are more common for deposits than withdrawals. However, you can use an e-wallet to transfer money to your bank account when needed and keep your gambling money away from your main account.

Here to Help 24/7- the best slots casinos offer 24/7 support via online chats, call centers, or email addresses. This means that whatever time you play, you will get an answer to your questions immediately.

The Benefits of Playing Online Slots

Playing slots online NZ is easier and faster than going to a casino. Not only can you play wherever and whenever you like, but you can also play a wider variety of games. With technology continually advancing, there are new games with new features popping up regularly.

Top Casino Recommendation

So, with so many amazing games and options, which casinos have the best slot machine games? We’ve got a list of the top five online casinos:

  • Casimba:
    Casimba has over 500 slots games and 10 different jackpots. It’s a fun, easy way to enjoy gambling online. It’s clearly laid out, and the software behind the games is fantastic.
  • BetWay:
    BetWay is simple but fun. The games are super high quality, there is a wide variety to choose from, and they offer great bonuses. The whole site was given a makeover last year, so it’s super fresh and fun.
  • Ladbrokes:
    Ladbrokes is one of the safest, most secure casinos to play online slots games. They have a wide range of slots games, and the website is super easy to use with lots of support if you need it.
  • PlayZee:
    PlayZee works with loads of game providers to often one of the biggest selection of slots games. There is a range of levels for new players through to experienced.
  • The Sun Vegas:
    With lots of games, loads of bonuses, and free spins, The Sun Vegas is super popular because it’s excellent. You’ll find lots of licensed themed games here, and they always have great bonuses.

Is It Time To Play Slots Online?

There is never a better time to play free online slot machines. Not only are they super-convenient, so you can play anywhere at any time. Unlike other games that have player limits, you’ll never find you can’t play.

Online casinos also have a wider variety of slot machine games and types including video slots, meaning you’ll always be able to play your favourite styles and can switch between games.

With signup bonuses, free spins, and other online prizes, your chances of winning in an online casino slots are high.

Frequently Asked Questions
How many types of slots games are there?

Too many to count! There are thousands of slot games. While there are less than 10 major types of machines, the combination of bonus features, and slots no deposit bonus extra levels, and new symbols means an unlimited number of games to play.

Can I win big on slot machines?

Yes, some slots have huge jackpots. Progressive jackpots get bigger the more you play until someone wins, so you can win huge jackpots.

Are slot machines luck or skill?

Slots are mainly luck, but there is a certain level of skill involved too. Experienced players play on more complicated machines with bigger prizes because they know which bets to place and which bonuses to unlock to increase their chances of winning.